Ascent Academies of Utah (AAU) is a network of charter schools that provides its students with a rich and individualized academic program utilizing the successful Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM). AAU’s network of schools combines SEM’s research-based strategies with curriculum and instructional methods aligned to the Utah Core Standards in order to provide students throughout the network with engaging learning opportunities.

Ascent Academies of Utah serves students in kindergarten through ninth grade and the academies are tuition-free public schools.

AAU operates campuses located in Farmington, West Jordan, and Lehi.
New campus opening in West Valley fall 2018.

AAU enrolls students regardless of enrollment boundaries and will serves students of all income levels, cultural backgrounds, and academic abilities.


Ascent Academies of Utah’s network of schools utilizes the Schoolwide Enrichment Model to build a strong educational foundation and to provide an enriching, individualized and varied educational experience to all students.


Ascent Academies of Utah will accomplish its mission by: (i) offering each student an opportunity to find and develop his or her own unique profile of gifts and talents; and by (ii) providing all employees with exceptional development opportunities through professional learning communities, networking, and partnerships.

Organizational Documents

Ascent Academies of Utah (AAU) received authorization from the Utah State Charter School Board and the Utah State Board of Education in February 2013.

The Charter Application describes the organizational structure of AAU, our unique and research-based program of instruction, and the school goals and background.