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Do you have questions about Canvas? You can review our parent presentation by clicking here.

You can watch the live presentation here. Audio is a little choppy here and there but overall you will be able to follow along with our instruction. Specific instructions time stamps below the video.

FAQ Time Stamps

Why We Use Canvas- :30
Aspire vs. Canvas- 4:24
What Can a Parent Do in Canvas- 5:32
Your Student Account- 7:30
Clever Canvas Login Errors- 8:42
Already Have a Canvas Account- Reset Password- 10:20
Pair Code from Your Student's Account- 11:10
Pairing to your Student the First Time- 12:50
Pairing to a Second or Third Child- 14:10

Other Videos and FAQ

How to Change the Primary Language in Canvas (YouTube Video)

Canvas Parent App Overview (Parent Canvas Page)

Canvas Overview for Parents (Parent Canvas Page)



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