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Romaine LettuceA Note From Chef Dave

 I want to let you know that the current romaine lettuce recall direction from the CDC and USDA to not use romaine lettuce is very serious and as such, I have instructed all managers to remove any Romaine from the kitchens. We have new lettuce coming in and are making the switch to green or red leaf lettuce until romaine is safe again.  Depending on when that is, I may keep ordering these other two lettuces until I feel that the issue is resolved, as I take this and all other food concerns very seriously. I watch and monitor the food recalls and outbreaks that happen across the country. I am often reading and researching things relating to foods and when I can see any trends that I feel could be something of a potential concern, we start changing course ahead of time, valuing the health and well-being of our students.

This morning (Tuesday 11/27/2018), The FDA released the following statement:                   

 FDA Statement 11.26.18 - 

“Romaine lettuce that was harvested outside of the Central Coast growing regions of northern and central California does not appear to be related to the current outbreak. Hydroponically- and greenhouse-grown romaine also does not appear to be related to the current outbreak. There is no recommendation for consumers or retailers to avoid using romaine harvested from these sources.”

 I want you to know, though the FDA has released this statement, I will continue to order green and red leaf lettuce as they have not been affected by this recall until I feel we can safely bring back romaine lettuce into our schools. Our student’s safety is of utmost importance to me, this kitchen team and the school’s leadership. As we work together in partnership we want you to know of our commitment to building healthy students, in all ways possible.  If you have any questions about my decision to not serve romaine lettuce at this time, you are welcome to email me at 


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