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Policies & Handbooks

Policies and Procedures

 Below are the policies and procedures as approved by Ascent Academies’ Board of Directors or school administration. These   policies and procedures are applicable to all AAU campuses.


 Below are notices and information applicable to all campuses.

 Title IX

 Title IX Coordinator
 Wade Glathar
 4179 South Riverboat Road
 Suite 100
 Salt Lake City, Utah 84123
 Title IX grievances/complaints can be filed in writing and sent to the Title IX Coordinator either via mail or email.  The   Title IX Coordinator will then respond back to the complainant and contact the LEA's Title IX Investigator as needed.

 Metadata Dictionary

 Click on the following link to access the Ascent Academy Metadata Dictionary. Here you can view all the apps and online programs that teachers may utilize in the classroom.