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Ascent Academies of Utah Online

August 10, 2020

Hello Ascent Online Families,


As many of you are now able to access Aspire you have had the opportunity to review your students' schedule. We have an amazing staff working with our online students and I am excited to introduce them to you! We have teachers from all of our campuses working together to provide our online students the best possible experience! Before I introduce our teachers I have just a few items of business.


  • Unfortunately, the number of computers we have available for our online students is very limited. 
  • Please utilize the 211 program, family, and friends for a device to use for online classes. 
    • At Ascent, we use Chromebooks which can usually be found right under the 200.00 price at Walmart and other stores. 
    • Our Kindergarteners and First graders often use iPads which are a little bit more pricey but a good fit for our littles.
  • Your student is still enrolled and considered a student at your home school. This means that you will occasionally get emails and phone calls intended for in-person students. We are working on a way to make this obvious but until that time please be patient with us.
  • Please bookmark this page ( for information specific to AAUO students and families
  • Questions about your student should be directed towards your student's teacher or myself ( When you call your homeschool campus they will often direct your call or emails back to us.
  • Your child's teacher will be reaching out to you shortly with specific information about their class, supply list, and the first day of school procedures. (No later than August 12, 2020)
  • The Teacher's Canvas will be live and published by August 13, 2020. Schedules for the first week of learning will be posted on August 16, 2020, by 5:00 pm in Canvas. 
    • If you need help logging into Canvas please contact your child's teacher
    • or

I am very excited about this school year and all of the learning our students will accomplish! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out!


Krissi Hutchinson (Me!)- AAU Online Coordinator- 

Krissi has been part of the Ascent family since 2014. She started as a teacher at the Farmington campus where she taught 4th and 5th grade. In 2017 Krissi moved to our Network Office and worked as the Network Technology Coordinator. Her duties were primarily focused on utilizing technology for instruction, maintaining technology systems, and working with a variety of grants that helped Ascent to purchase technology and increase teacher capacity to utilize technology. 


Elementary Teachers


Jennifer Cooper- Kindergarten

Ms. Cooper is new to Ascent this year and comes to us with a wealth of knowledge about online learning. She has worked for the past several years teaching students overseas English. More information about the kind and fun Ms. Cooper will be posted on our site in the near future.

Lindsay Erekson- Kindergarten (West Jordan)

Ms. Erekson is new to our Ascent family this year. She will be teaching our WJ online Kindergarten in the morning and our WJ Kindergarten in person in the afternoon. She has taught kindergarten for the past two years and absolutely loves it. 

Mackenzie Lester- First Grade (Lehi)

This is Ms. Lester's fourth year with Ascent. She wants all of her students to love learning, develop a growth mindset, and develop their talents.

Heather Jenson- First Grade (West Valley)

This is Ms. Jenson's second year with Ascent teaching first grade. Last year she taught at West Valley and loves every minute of being involved in the lives of children.

Carley Ketcham- Second Grade (West Valley)

Ms. Ketcham has been a second-grade teacher for Ascent since 2014! She currently works at the West Valley campus and hopes to show her students the value of becoming a lifelong learner.

Laura Richardson- Second Grade  (West Jordan)

Ms. Richardson started her teaching career in 2014 at Ascent West Jordan. She loves working with second graders. She wants students to feel that they are learning and growing each day.

Mona Pizano- Third Grade (West Jordan)

Ms. Pizano is starting her third year at Ascent teaching third grade. Ms. Pizano strives to create a caring, safe, and engaging learning environment. She wants every student to believe in themselves and to do their best.

Amber Nelson- Third Grade (Lehi)

Ms. Nelson is starting her fourth year at Ascent. Ms. Nelson has always wanted to be a teacher and loves being part of student's learning journey.

Andrea Schaefer- Fourth Grade (Lehi)

Ms. Schaefer has been with Ascent since 2014 where she first taught 3rd grade in Farmington. She then moved to Lehi where she has been teaching fourth grade. Ms. Schaefer's deepest passion in life is learning and she believes that children should have the opportunity to discover the magic of learning for themselves.

Loressa Carota- Fourth Grade (West Valley)

Ms. Carota is beginning her third year with Ascent. Ms. Carota loves learning and enjoys spending time investigating and understanding new things.

Christine Polatis- Fifth Grade (West Jordan)

Ms. Polatis has been with Ascent since 2015. She loves to teach and work with students and says they inspire her every day.

Ashlee Pendleton- Sixth Grade (West Valley)

Ms. Pendleton joined the Ascent West Valley team last year. Ms. Pendleton is a firm believer in personalized education and implements that in her classroom every day.


Jr. High Teachers


Our Jr. High team is phenomenal. We have pulled teachers from all of our campuses with a Jr. High who will be utilizing their prep period to teach online students. I encourage you to click on each teacher to be taken to their bio and learn more about these teachers who will be teaching our online Jr. High.


Chris Christensen- 7th Grade English (Farmington)
Alyse Hartley- 7th Grade Utah Studies (Farmington)
Trevor Moore- 7th, 8th, 9th All things technology related (Farmington)
Priscilla Todd- 7th, 8th, 9th Art (Farmington)
Milyssa Burgener- Health and Dance (Farmington)
Anna Lee- Yoga and Spanish (Farmington)
Sarah Cannon- 8th Grade Math (Lehi)
Rocio Franklin- 7th Grade Math (Lehi)
Rachel Ebeling- 8th Grade English (Lehi)
Julie Johnson- Botany (Lehi)
McKenzi Prawitt  7th and 8th Grade Science, 9th Grade Biology, Geography (Lehi)
Jay Ranson- 8th Grade American History (Lehi)
Wayne Gold- PE/Health (Lehi)
Rachel Baker- 9th Grade English (West Jordan)
Debbie Deemer- 9th Grade Math (West Jordan) 
Emily Bolman- Music (West Jordan)


Special Education Teachers

To be announced later this week


I am very excited to work with our Ascent Online team this year and our Ascent Online families. I know that as we navigate this experience together we will be able to provide your child with the best possible learning experience.


Welcome to the Ascent Academies of Utah Online Campus information page.

Bookmark this page for updates about our online campus.

  • The Ascent Declaration for Online Learning form must be completed for each student who will be registered for Ascent Online.  All forms are due August 4, 2020.  Ascent students are automatically enrolled in our in-person classes by default unless the Declaration for Online Learning form is submitted.  For planning purposes, it may not be possible to honor forms submitted after the deadline. 
  • Complete the Declaration for Online Learning form at this link:  Declaration for Online Learning form
  • View the expectations regarding Ascent online learning at this link:  Ascent Online Parent Information
  • Declaration for online participation is for the period of one semeter (Aug 17 – Jan 15).
  • The United Way is launching an initiative to help provide a free laptop fo Utah students who are participating in online school in certain counties and who qualifiy financinally.  Learn more about that program here:  211 Laptop Program

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