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Dave Hirst

Child Nutrition Program Coordinator

Hi! I'm Dave. My story is rather dull and boring, very unlike the food that I like to create. I am from the great state of Maine, where I grew up and lived in a small town of 1500 people. It was hidden in the middle of nowhere. If one were to put their finger on Bangor on a map, at the top of your finger you would see my hometown. My high school had 9 towns that sent to it. My graduating class had 80 students. After High School everyone decided that I should go into Culinary. My folks owned a little diner for a while so it seemed fitting. I earned my Culinary Arts degree with some hard work and some state and national competitions I was on my way... no far... Maine didn't offer a lot for me. I decided to add some adventure to my life, that took me to Los Angeles CA. I lived in several areas and taught some cooking classes and had some fun.

I returned to Maine where I worked for a year before making the choice again that Maine wasn't offering me what I needed. I took a leap of faith and applied to go back to school. I was accepted to a college in the west and packed my car up the day after Christmas in 2005. I drove across this great country and started school.

I had to work to get my education so I worked in the Culinary field. After managing several different locations I thought I was happy....

Then the day after I finished school, I went out to dinner with some friends and my folks. There was this nice waitress. She was working hard to earn a good tip... I left my number (first time ever), she texted me three days later. Our first date was Jan 3rd 2009. We talked marriage three weeks later and I popped the question March 1st 2009.

We married and moved to Maine. Well in Maine I thought that I would get out of the food world. It lasted 6 weeks and I missed it. Again I was in a kitchen working, after 1 daughter (Abagail) was born and 21 months we decided to head west again.

A few more gigs managing restaurants and I found my way into working in school foods. Daughter 2 (Chloe) and 3 (Emma) were since born

I am excited about being a part of Ascent. I want to share my passion of food by creating foods that are better then normal school lunch and share the knowledge that I have gained in my years. I look forward to getting to know you.  Stop by and visit us in the kitchens.